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26.05%, DAH Solar set a new record of TOPCon cells mass production conversion efficiency!

26.05%, DAH Solar set a new record of TOPCon cells mass production conversion efficiency!

A new record! The mass production conversion efficiency of DAH Solar's TOPCon cells has reached 26.05%!   The mass production average conversion efficiency of TOPCon cells (PE-poly route) exceeded 26%! On September 3rd, with the superposition application of SE (Selective Emitter) laser doping technology, the mass production average conversion efficiency of DAH Solar TOPCon cells, has reached 26.05%, refreshing the industry record once again, reaching the industry leading level, showing the "DAH speed".     On June 9, DAH Solar and SHENZHEN S.C issued the joint announcement, that DAH Solar's TOPCon cells manufacturing base set the climbing record of 97% yield and 25.4% efficiency in just 23 days (not on SE at that time), which attracted high attention from the whole industry. Subsequently, through the continuous optimization of each technical links and materials, by the end of July, the mass production average conversion efficiency of DAH Solar’s TOPCon cells has reached 25.8%. At the beginning of September, with the equiped of laser SE equipment and technology, the conversion efficiency improved by another 0.25%, creating an industry-leading level by 26.05%.     DAH Solar has always focused on R&D and organization development.Not only in terms of module and PV system product innovation, we have successfully launched the global patent Full-Screen PV module and the world's first integrated PV system SolarUnit, and also forward-looking developand layout of cells technology, with absolute advantages to achieve the full production of TOPCon cells and the high-speed climbing of conversion efficiency and yield. In addition to that, DAH Solar has also precipitated for many years in terms of crystal pulling and slicing technology, laying a good foundation for further improving the layout of industrial integration.

Stunning Appearance In Brazil| DAH Solar Leading off InterSolar South America 2023


Stunning Appearance In Brazil| DAH Solar Leading off InterSolar South America 2023

The largest and most influential solarPV exhibition in South America, the InterSolar South America 2023, was held on August 29th to 31st, in Brazil. DAH Solar exhibited its global patented products, including the Full-Screen PV Module 2.0 series and the world’s first integrated PV system SolarUnit , showing its innovation strength to the global visitors.



The Full-Screen PV Module-NO Cleaning,Higher Power Generation


The Full-Screen PV Module are becoming well-known by users, due to its 6-15% power generation growth ability. This data is not only supported by TÜV outdoor empirical report, but also proved by more than 8,000 Full-Screen PV Module power station cases.

At this exhibition, the new upgrade of Full-Screen PV Module 2.0 serieswere equipped with industry-leading N-type TOPCon Solar cell technology, integrating higher power generation, higher conversion efficiency, lower temperature coefficient and decay rate, etc. Moreover, The Full-Screen technology can perfectly adapts to different types of power station and application scenarios. With its outstanding structural design and Precisely±0.1mm Production Accuracy , The Full-Screen PV Module 2.0 series have become the focus of the exhibition.



The Integrated PV System SolarUnit:The Industry-leading conversion efficiency  


The world’s first integrated PV system SolarUnit is a standardized product specially developed for small distributed and household photovoltaic applications. It combinesTOPCon solar cells, EVA adhesive film, 3rd semiconductor GaN and others high-tech materials to make sure the maximum system efficiency could achieve97.55%.

Besides, with its advantages of unitization design and easier system installation, The SolarUnit has won increasing popularity among users. In addition, it is also equipped with remote monitoring and one-click shutoff functions to make PV power stations smarter and safer.


DAH Solar has won EUPDResearch“Top Brand PV”award for two consecutive years


N-type TOPCon Solar Cell Technology: Constantly Breaking Industry Records


Currently, the new era of PV industry has coming, Most of global PV corporations are facing huge challenges and a mount of opportunities. With its leading advantage of the PE-poly technology, DAH Solar has completed a integrative PV production supply chain which includes the silicon wafers, solar cells, PV modules and microinverters. In addition, themass productionaverage powerconversion efficiency ofN-type TOPCon Solar cell has achieved 25.8% and is about tobreak through 26%, continuously creating new industry records.



Global industrial layout: Deep Cultivation In Brazil, Localization Strategy Continues To Advance


DAH Solar’s products are sold in more than 120 regions worldwide, with a total of more than 120,000 customers. After seven years of deep cultivation, the brand awareness rank among thetop three in the Brazilian market. Asthe Tier 1 (global photovoltaic primary component manufacturer) brand, DAH Solar has won wide recognition from global markets and  professional research institutes with its technology innovation strengthening and brand influence.



As a global leading green solar corporation, DAH Solar commits to increase its investment in technology creation and deepen overseas market localization strategy continuously. In the future, DAH Solar has the ultimate goal of accelerating the global energy structure transformation, delivering high-quality solar products to global users and providing our very help in meeting the global carbon-zero ear.

Anhui Daheng technologia energetyczna Co., LTD (DAH słoneczna w skrócie) powstała w 2009 o mocy 1000 MW za rok. jesteśmy krajowym przedsiębiorstwem high-tech, specjalizującym się w PV rozwój i produkcja modułów, PV budowa i eksploatacja elektrowni, konserwacja i inwestycje. Nasz produkty zostały zatwierdzone przez międzynarodowe certyfikaty, takie jak TUV, CE, CEC, INMETRO, FIDE itp. i certyfikaty krajowe, takie jak CQC, Leader, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 itp. dah solar już zakorzenił się na rynku krajowym, w tym samym czasie dah solar aktywnie eksploruje rynek międzynarodowy i stworzył sieć sprzedaży w ponad 50 krajów na całym świecie. dah solar stale inwestuje w R&D produktów i zyskał już więcej niż 30 patentów obecnie smart PV moduł i platforma do monitorowania chmury opracowana przez dah solar zajmuje czołowe miejsce w przemyśle słonecznym

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